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Baking is more than just mixing the right ingredients. It is about injecting love, care and attention into every cake that you bake and that is why we, at Bake’t, believe that everyone should be able to bake sensational and scrumptious cakes that all can enjoy.
Bake’t is the idea of Jessica who is the company director.  Jessica loves to bake, she mixes passion and desire to create a reflection of the beautiful cakes she used to see in the shop windows on the streets of Paris. Jessica’s appetite for baking is underpinned by her craving to seek out the best recipes and videos online and this led to a realization that was more than likely, preventing more people from enjoying baking at home. This realization was based around the fact that it was difficult for her to find good recipes, the right ingredients and the utensils in the same place. Jessica realised that we now live in a world where people want easy access to the things they want.




This is where Bake’t was born. Jessica understands how much people appreciate cakes and desserts and so, she set out to make it her mission to give people the opportunity to bake. It is an enjoyable experience that is extremely rewarding and it can also bring people together – family, friends or a loved one. Jessica developed the company not through her own knowledge alone but by working closely with professional bakers who have the experience of  working in hotels that are famous throughout the world. 
At Bake’t we understand that life is hectic and that is why we believe in delivering convenience and simplicity in a box. In fact, Jessica wants others to appreciate just how easy it is to bake when Bake’t provides you with everything that you need!

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